Peonies and patterns


The season of peonies lasts too short. You wait for them through the entire year to bloom at the end of May and then have a week or two of joy before they start falling apart. They look wonderful as a background for portraits, as decoration or just standing there intact in nature. Even dry, when the last breath of life leaves them they still remain beautiful...

Peonies by moonshinefaerie
This year while the white ones were in bloom little sister had her very first dance performance. Afterwards we spent some time at grandmas and returned home in the evening. The street was empty, the sun was setting, light was beautiful and so were they. I was still dressed and decided not to miss this moment. I grabbed the tripod, remote shutter and went outside to take some selfportraits.
Last summer I took some photos of sister while her hair was turquoise by the white ones and some of myself by the pink ones while my curls were purple. Pastel blue hair fit perfectly with the evening sky, white petals and dark green leaves.

And here's a smiley one cos I don't smile that often in photos

That day I wore a mix of patterns. Black & white striped cullotes, floral flowy blouse and b&w floral bag combined with my favourite black sandals but it looked pretty nice in the end.

BLOUSE - Tally Weijl
SANDALS - Pull & Bear
BAG - Women'Secret

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