Portraits in the botanical garden


Botanical gardens are such a peaceful spot to spend warm days in, walking through shades of different trees to get away from the burning sun, seeing all those colorful flowers and enjoying the slow paced rhythm it has in the middle of a city who's always rushing.
Being surrounded by nature will always be soothing to me. Living in a city is much more interesting at this point of life. There's always something going on, you always have a place to go to. But there are also spots to get away from it all, like this one. Where you can forget about the daily tasks, take a deep breath and enjoy the nature around you, even if for just half an hour.

botanical garden portrait male
botanical garden portrait
botanical garden portrait
botanical garden portrait
botanical garden portrait

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  1. These are gorgeous!! I love botanical gardens. I keep meaning to go and shoot at the ones here and I forget. Love these :) Hope you have a great day x