Simple Sunday


Hi everyone! 
Sundays are usually lazy days for me. This one is cloudy and rainy and it actually feels like  autumn much more than spring.  I already know I'll spend it inside. As I'm writing this post sister is preparing ingredients for pancakes/crepes in the kitchen which we'll make and then watch films or series while eating.
This morning I woke up late and had very little time to get dressed to go to grandmas place for lunch so this simple outfit is the result. It consists of a flowy floral dress with a bow around neck which I got quite some time ago on sale. This denim jacket is my go to jacket it spring and summer cos it makes you warm but isn't too thick and it's really easy to move in it unlike in a (faux)leather jacket which is stiff and really cold when you put it on. Black pantyhose to keep my legs warm and maroon oxfords which are the comfiest shoes and if it starts to rain I know I'm safe in them.
DRESS - Caliope
SHOES - Deichmann

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