Weekend in Pula


Hi everyone!
I was planning to write this post few weeks ago but because of exams and seminars I kept postponing it. Now finally the time has come.
Three weeks ago we went to Pula for cousins Confirmation. Bad weather was forecasted and we were all worrying that we’ll have to wear something other than what we prepared. Luckily it wasn’t that bad.
We packed and left home on Saturday morning. The ride is 2:30h long. Rijeka is halfway, and when we got out of the tunnel I saw the Trsat castle which I always admired and wanted to visit as a child. Last year I lived there, 3 min away from the castle and spent many hours inside it, sitting, enjoying the view, contemplating life, drawing, crying cos I missed home… So many memories came back, good and bad ones. My (ex)roommate and high school best friend still lived there so I immediately took a photo and sent it to her so she knows I was passing by. 

 I don’t like stopping along the way, cos why make the trip longer, but because of parents noon coffee we stopped at Vrata Jadrana ( Adriatic Gates ).  The view from there is wonderful but you simply can’t take a good photo cos the highway is in front of you and the closest you can walk to is to the fence. While parents were drinking coffee sister and I were roaming around and taking some photos.

I should stop talking and describing the day and instead just show you. Photos will say much more than words.

After arrival - beach

Getting ready, the ceremony and lunch.

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