20/9/2016 Farewell Summer


Hi there!
Few days before summer ended Maggie and I went for a walk towards the forest. As we live in a hilly area there are many meadows everywhere. At this time of year there aren't many flowers too see or to pick, but there are blackberry and hip shrubs. It was a sunny warm afternoon, we needed to use it the best we could because days before it were rainy and so were the ones after it.

On the way to the forest we came across a rosehip shrub and decided to pick some for tea. I personally don't like storebought rosehip tea, i can't stand it's taste and smell. But, the homemade one, it's completely different, has a sweet rich taste even without adding sugar. It goes wonderful with cold autumn and winter weather. I'm so grateful that our grandma loves to collect all sorts of plants and make tea or anything possible out of it. What I like about homemade things is that you know what you're putting in your body. Rosehip is easy to pick and simple to clean and dry, and then it can be stored for quite some time. I've seen some recipes saying that you can put dried rosehip in a food processor, but we don't do it, grandma cuts most in half but some are left whole. I don't think it makes any difference.

Meadow kept us from entering the forest. We walked back and forth, up a hill, down a hill, ate some blackberries when we came close to the shrub, lay on the grass and talked, enjoyed the warm sun rays on our skin...

I'm not really a person that smiles a lot, but that day I did smile a lot, even on photos. Maybe it's hard to imagine having a long conversation or meaningful discussion with a little child, but trust me it's possible. This little kiddo will be quite a philosopher when she comes of age. 

I wanna thank this little sunshine that wants to go places with me and take photos. 
She turned 5 yesterday ❤︎ can't believe how time flies. 

SHIRT - Stradivarius
BOOTIES - Stradivarius
BRACELET - childhood gift

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  1. Loved the pictures in this post! I'm so so glad that I've found your blog as we have so much in common!

    (My nickname is also Tea!!)

    1. Thank you so much <3 I'm so glad we found each other ^^
      Awww sweet! It's actually my full name haha