3/10/2016 Rainy afternoon in Zagreb


A lot happened in the past few months but in the other hand nothing interesting. I'd like to apologise for not posting anything cos my laptop broke and I was working the entire summer so I didn't have lot of free time to have fun or be creative. I didn't even get to leave the town I live in this summer but I'll try to make up for it in the upcoming months. 

Last week the process of rolling into a new academic year started so I had to go to Zagreb to fix some things before i roll into the second year ( always leaving important stuff for the last minute huh ). I had a lot of free time in the morning but I spent it in the uni library reading and being on the computer, spending time on Tumblr and looking for weekend trip deals. After being done with bureaucracy I still had over an hour left before the train. So how to spend it? Go to your favourite spot. Even though it was raining from time to time and was cold I'd rather spend my time walking around than sit and wait on the train station. Downtown Zagreb is wonderful, don't just walk the main streets, get lost in the little ones. Let them take you to magical alleys, unknown places, you won't get lost, don't worry. 

My favourite spot are the stairs underneath the funicular, the ones that take you to the "Upper town". Everything I love is there in that one spot, wood - brick - iron construction - plants. 

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