Lookback at Summer 2016



Last two days consisted of moving and sorting files on the new laptop. While going through them I decided to turn summer photos into blogposts and create some sort of lookback at summer 2016. Even though I spent mornings and early afternoons working, there were days when I wasn't too tired to go out and do something else, have some fun. 

From 25th to 28th August  "Youth photo days" (Foto dani mladih) took place in Karlovac. Some friends of mine and people I know from nights out were volunteering, helping with setting everything up... I wish I could have joined them, hopefully I’ll be able to next summer. Friend of mine that was watching over a gallery invited another friend and me to the opening of the exhibition and asked if we’d like to keep her company. Of course we would. So after work I joined Alenka and Cedric in watching over and we spent most of the afternoon siting on the doorsteps talking.  After closing time we helped set up a night exhibition through the promenade and then chilled on the bench and underneath a monument.

Part of the "Youth Photo Days" was  "Pick Up music festival". It lasted for two days, but I only went to the second one, the acoustic day. It was located in a high school arboretum. I went that day because a local band I like was playing and also a friend of mine had his first gig (check them out: Wanderlust and Bruno). 


SHIRT – Stradivarius
SKIRT – Asos
SHOES – New Yorker

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