Sparkly New Year


Hello lovelies!
This NYE celebration wont be that fun for me cos I'll probably stay at home with parents. I got ill the day after Christmas and still didn't recover entirely. So going out, partying and drinking isn't an option cos my body couldn't handle it. I wanted to write this post on Wednesday but unfortunately couldn't cos I pretty much overslept the day. So it will be a last minute makeup suggestion if you're still wondering what to apply.

I got ICONIC pallets quite a long time ago but still haven't used one of them. They are ICONIC 2 and 3 by Makeup Revolution London. I used ICONIC 3, it has pink and brown tones which I love on my eyes. They're neutral in a way and go with everything. And there's THE golden glittery shade in the middle that is absolutely gorgeous and adds something special to the look when you add it. The first colour, white-pinkish , I usually use as base colour and in the corners.

The L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara is my all time favourite. It works perfectly with my lashes. It's probably more to the brush than to the product inside but well, both matter. It lasts all day and doesn't crumble. I don't use too much mascara but when I do I'll use one of L'Oreal's.

Eyeliner I use right now is Super Extend by Avon. It lasts all day, is easy to apply and the tip doesn't become useless after some time. I used many pen eyeliners so far, different price ranges and like this one the best so far.

Discovering this foundation was such a miracle to me. I used to use Fit Me! by Maybelline NY but they stopped selling it and I had to find something new. On the internet I heard so much about Revlon's ColorStay so why not try it. The lady working at the store helped me with the shade, don't ever be afraid to ask them for help. Anyway, it stays on for the entire day. I never applied compact powder over it, my T-zone never gets oily like before, it doesn't look cakey (maybe cos I apply little?) and I don't break out cos of it.

Lipstick is by Manhattan in shade 650 Ra-Ra-Raspberry. It may look dark in the packaging but it's actually what it's name says. A shiny raspberry shade with a sweet smell.

Moving onto the next pallet and flatlay:

The ICONIC 2 pallet consists of more sandy tones, which also include a silver glittery eyeshadow and a matt black one. I haven't used it cos it's similar to ICONIC 3 and I didn't wanna ruin it. Just look how pretty it looks untouched! haha

Lipstick is in shade Milano Red ( 11 ) by Deborah Milano . It's a light red kinda leading to orange shade. The lipstick is hypoallergenic and has a beautiful gentle smell. I love the packaging cos it's so elegant and old fashioned.

The mascara is also by Deborah Milano and it's the Extraordinary 5in1 mascara. The brush doesn't really work for my eyelashes cos it makes them stick to each other but the product itself is very good, doesn't crumble and lasts long without smudging.

For any special occasion I wear Daisy by Marc Jacobs cos it's one of the most elegant sweet perfumes ever. Do I need to say anything more about Daisy?

Here's preview of the lipstick and some quick eyemakeup:


Thank you so much for reading! 
Have lots of fun for the New Years Eve celebration.
I wish you all a happy new year! Wish you all the joy, happiness, kindness, many new successes and adventures. May 2017 be the years when all our dreams start coming true. Love you all! 


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