Weekend in Budapest


This weekend was the most wonderful one in quite a while. I visited Budapest, explored a bit and spent a lot of time getting to know other travellers at the hostel. To me travelling isn't just about sightseeing, going around the city on your own or with someone you know. What I care more about is meeting new people, the ones that are at the same place as you at the same time. Listening to their stories, finding out what brought them there, where will they go next, gaining some experience by learning from their stories. Then exploring the city, lonesome streets and busy ones. High spots, hidden spots, cultural spots, ruins, pubs, cafes and clubs. Budapest is full of everything. Whatever you're searching for you'll find there.

Before leaving I made a list of places I wanna visit, but well, didn't visit most of them cos I ended up elsewhere or was too lazy to walk to the other side of the city. I'm already planing to go back during spring or summer to explore. It's much easier for me to walk around during the warm seasons. When it's cold and gloomy I prefer to stay inside or stay in a close circle of the place I'm staying at.

From Zagreb to Budapest is a 5h ride. We left on Friday morning and got there around 2pm. First place we visited was Citadella on the Gellert hill. I won't talk about it's history cos everyone can google it. But basically it's the place with the best view of the entire city.

Our next stop were the Hősök tere ( Heroes' square ) and Városliget ( City park ). I was absolutely mesmerised by the beauty of the City Park. When you walk towards it you first see a huge ice skating place made by drying the lake (I assume), then a castle that for some reason reminded us all of Harry Potter, then you enter and see another castle and a church with a huge portal and the inside of the "Harry Potter castle" and it all makes you go: "WOOOOOOOW!!!". I was so busy taking photos that I didn't hear a word of what guide was telling so there are no interesting facts I could share with you.

It became dark quite early. We drove down the Andrassy Boulevard to the Fisherman's bastion. It looks like it got out of "Little Mermaid". Stunning architecture, stunning view, definitely one of the places everyone should visit.

At the Fisherman's Bastion a small group of people (including me and the friend I went with) got separated from the main group. We didn't hear where we need to meet up so we stayed there a bit too long and had to find our way to the bus. It was a fun experience since there were many of us.
Rest of the night I spent in the hostel and the street around it. We got some food and drinks and were getting to know each other in the rooms. I didn't sleep much the night before the trip so when some roommates decided to go out I stayed in and slept.

The trip was from Friday morning to Sunday afternoon. I decided to make a separate post for the first and the other two days since Friday was just sightseeing and I have more photos than from the other two days. I hope you like it!

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