Earthly tones and patterns


Hello everyone!

This January, pretty much as any in the student life is pretty hectic. We're going fast through the last few weeks of classes, writing exams and starting with finals. It takes so much time ans asks for so much work that at the end of the day you're drained, stressed and anxious. 

For the last couple of days, or even weeks, I didn't really count,  I'm feeling unmotivated and uninspired. I' not sure is it because of the stress or weather. As a summer person I function so much better during warm, sunny days. They inspire me and give me energy, will to do more. When it's cold and gloomy, all I wanna do is lay in bed and take naps inbetween watching series. With all the work I didn't really find time to write a blogpost. I've been wanting but ended up postponing it each time and falling asleep when was time to do it. As soon as terms end I'll get back to blogging and do much more than I did so far. 

I wanted to share with you this outfit I wore a week ago. It consists of earthly tones and patterns.

I wore a shirt from Springfield, I got it during summer sale a year or two ago. It has half sleeves which I prefer but they're not really practical during winter. You always need to have something over it. I like the blue crochet detail around the neck. Over it I had a cape from Pimkie, which I got during my first year of university. It was such a saviour in the strong wind during winter in Rijeka. During winter I mostly wear it folded as a scarf, but when I don't have a cardigan on me, or feel cold, I put it on as a cape. It's soft and warm, just like a blanket that you can snuggle in.

I don't like to wear beanies they mess up my hair and don't really suit me,  but am in love with hats. Love for them developed years ago. It's not so common to wear them here so whenever I wear one someone will  give me strange looks or ask weird questions, which if it were vice versa they'd probably find rude and insulting. This one with wider brim is from H&M.

Pants are just some stretchy ones from Tezenis. I like when they're comfy and go with everything. They're in a lets say olive green shade. The only thing that slightly bothers me on them is that they don't have holes for a belt, but as long as they fit perfectly it isn't a problem.

These lovely rings are from Pull & Bear. I've been eyeing them for quite a while but got them sometime before Christmas. They're all so pretty but I got them in medium instead of small and it was a mistake, I wanted to get them again in small but they're out of stock.

Boots are by Tamaris. They're my go to boots when it's not too cold or when I know I won't spend  time outside in winter. Usually they're great, waterproof, go on everything. But when the ground is cold your feet will start freezing in a short time. So they're not an option for walking around on snow.

Recently I got some lipsticks from Colourpop (I'll make a review after I try them all) and the one I'm wearing on these photos is a dark brown shade called Limbo.

In the meanwhile I cut my hair so in the future posts you'll be able to notice the light part is much shorter. I may have gone crazy with my bangs but that's how it usually ends up.

Thank you for reading! xx

I'd like to hear about your January, is it busy and stressful or just like any other month? 

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CAPE: Pimkie
SHIRT: Springfield
PANTS: Tezenis
SHOES: Mass ( Tamaris )
RINGS: Pull & Bear 

LIPS: Colourpop shade: Limbo

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  1. ❤︎Just discovered your blog, and I’m in LOVE with it! Amazing layout an content.
    Love your style, you rock!❤︎
    ❤︎ ❤︎

  2. Lovely outfit and the hat ties the whole outfit together.

    Bernie, xx
    The Style Fanatic

    1. Thank you dear for such a lovely comment <3 Have a great day!

  3. I want to have such an original (sorry for my english) style as you have, it seems like you are a very creative person and you look so good. I'm afraid of what people will say if i would wear what i really like :/ great blog honey ♥

    1. Aww thank you dear for such lovely words ♥ You should wear whatever you like and shouldn't care what others say. It's kinda hard in the beginning cos you don't wanna be judged but people and you will get used.If you love it, wear it!

  4. Love this look, the mixed prints are perfect together and I'm obsessed with your lipstick shade! <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  5. Amazing photos & outfit. January is one of the most stressful months :)

    1. Thank you Emilia ♡ I even heard yesterday that it's also the most depressive one, can't wait till it ends.

  6. Amazing photos! I love that hat!!

  7. Love the hat and the mood!

  8. I love your poncho jacket! the colors and prints are so pretty!

  9. The winter is beautiful <3

    1. It is but aaa I'm really not made for the cold :')

  10. I love these pictures! You're so pretty xx

    1. Thank you so much Marti, you're so sweet <3