No Way Out


Hello lovelies!
It's been so cold for the past few days. The temperature got to -19°C in some parts and the wind is blowing really hard. The weather isn't really for spending any time outside cos you'll start freezing after a minute. When I remember that I'll have to travel every single day and walk for 15 minutes in the freezing weather from Monday I loose all ambitions and feel even more anxious about class than I usually do. No matter what I wear I'll end up feeling cold for the entire day. I'm a summer child, so no matter how warm it is I can bear it, but the cold, the cold is killing me.

When I need to leave the house layers of clothes are trying to keep me warm. So here's an outfit from yesterday.

Mom took these photos of me besides grandmas house really quick cos it was so cold and windy so you won't be able to see my shoes or more details.

I never leave house without an undershirt and tights in winter. I wore black-grey high waisted jeans from Bershka which I got last summer. They are so comfortable and kinda stretchy so I love to wear them a lot. Also high waisted jeans are such saviours in cold times. The grey top with a print from Stradivarius is sleeveless so underneath I have a black long sleeved shirt from H&M and over it a warm knitted cardigan from Pull & Bear. On my feet I had Dr. Martens boots. They are cold cos they don't have any fuzzy lining but with a good pair of thermo socks they're perfect. At home I like to keep them near a radiator so they're warm when I put them on. Those rings are my go-to rings and if you follow me on Instagram you could have seen them a bunch of times already, they're from Tally Weijl.

I hope you're all alright and don't need to spend much time in the cold, if you need to go out dress well and stay warm ♡ 
Thank you for reading! xx

CROP TOP: Stradivarius
CARDIGAN: Pull & Bear
COAT: Thrifted - Review
JEANS: Bershka
BOOTS: Dr. Martens
RINGS: Tally Weijl

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  1. Amazing outfit, I really like your style :)

  2. You look fantastic! Am a summer child too x

    1. Thank you ♡ Can't wait till it becomes warm again xx

  3. Awesome pictures :) , Have a good day .

    1. Thank you so much ♥ Have a good day also! xx

  4. Wow! Cool coat! Great photos!