Winter thrifting


Hello lovelies!
Sales usually start the week after Christmas and last till the end of January or even longer. But if you don't get something you wanted in the beginning it's very likely it will be gone by the time you change your mind. Sales start at the worst time. We just spent our hard earned money on presents and preparations for the holidays and now all the sale signs are making us tempted to spend even more.

While searching for presents for my family I ended up buying some things for myself. My favourite vintage second hand store started with a sale that week so I went to check if there's something for me. And I found out about another vintage store and they had sale on coats so I also went there to check them out (and because I needed a new coat). All the stores are close to the main square in Zagreb so I  went to Zara in Ilica st. to get a present for my little sis and ended up buying a dress I've been searching for for years.

At the "new" vintage store House of Šili , where I went to check coats on sale I got a pretty black coat with faux leather details. While walking there I was thinking how I'll get an oversized long coat but once i got there those coats were too big for me, from sizes 40 up.  There were two ladies, an older one and a young girl. They offered me help and showed everything in my size or what wouldn't look too big on me. I tried few and this black one the last. It's a size bigger than I usually wear but never mind cos underneath it I have space for warm big pullovers and knitted cardigans. The coat is knee length and by Review. Has deep pockets which I absolutely love cos I can put my phone in them and not worry it will fall out. There are zippers on both sleeves and the main one goes on the side. If you leave the coat open the leather part will be seen. I love this combination of material, it gives the coat some edginess. The neckline is low so in cold weather you must wear a scarf and it's also faux leather. While buying the coat as a gift I got the cute bangle bracelets you can see on the right side of the first photo or on the middle in the photo underneath.

At Zara I got the classic black dress with white collar. My sister likes to call it the Wednesday Addams dress. I've been searching for it for over a year now. During that period I came across some look alikes but nothing special I'd like to buy. This one is A-line and the material is thicker and soft, sleeves 3/4 and the collar is stiff. It's the perfect dress.

Next two shirts I got at Ulični Ormar , the first vintage shop I found in Zagreb and the one i like the most. The girls that work there are very friendly and you can ask them anything. Sometimes they even have a beautiful dog over there. Anyway, this golden glittery shirt was love at first sight. I had one like it when I was a child. The sleeves are long but not entirely,  not 3/4, more like 4/5 haha. On the back there are 2 pretty round buttons over which you put the elastics to close the shirt but it still leaves a beautiful small opening on the back. The material is nice but gets a bit itchy.

The brown pullover was for my sister. It's a thick vintage Levi's. You can definitely feel the difference in quality before and today. The shirt feels kinda heavy but is so comfortable and warm. I bet it will last many more years.

The last thing I got is a navy blue, or very dark blue, beret, it's so dark that it actually seems black.

After getting home I immediately tried some things on. The dress, coat, bracelets and beret go perfectly together. They make an elegant but somewhat edgy look which I'll show you in some future post.

What are some of your favourite vintage stores? 

Thank you for reading!

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  1. These are wonderful!! Love the 'Wednesday Addams' dress! All of your items are fantastic, great fabrics as well!! Love thrifting bargains! Thank you ever so much for the tweet and comment on my blog too, that was super kind!! Have a brilliant day doll xx

    1. Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! The fabrics of vintage clothes is so much better than todays.
      Have a brilliant day also dear ♡

  2. Love leather jacket and other stuff :)

  3. Lovely items <3