Grey Days


Oh how I dislike these murky lifeless days. One or two is alright, but now I feel like it's been over a months since warm sun rays touched my skin. I'm craving for vitamin D, song of birds, colourful sunsets and long, really really long days.

I admit I am lazy, but the darkness for 24 hours makes me even lazier, literally lifeless. I truly want to do something productive, creative but there are 0 ideas, 0 things that would satisfy my other, creative (perfectionist) cravings. Working makes me feel good. Today after work and lunch I asked mom to go to the arboretum for a short walk. It's the only place I could think of that isn't muddy and has some greenery. So we went. It's amazing how such little things can change our mood. Just couple minutes of being surrounded by bushes, looking at them, touching them, taking some photos made me feel so much better than anything for so long did.

I wore a grey bell sleeve top, which I also have in blush pink which you could see in my previous OOTD post. It's soft, warm and makes an effortless outfit look much dressier. Over it I wore a thin strap black dress from Zara that I got couple years ago. In summer I just put my stars and moon belt and the outfit is complete. If only it were that easy in winter. The daisy bag from Woman'Secret goes so well with this monochrome look. It's a dash of spring I so desire.

I finally got hair dye so this unnamed colour will be gone, hopefully by the end of the week. Prepare for a huge difference! 😉

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SHIRT: Stradivarius
JACKET: Thrifted (Review)
BAG: Women'Secret
RINGS: Pull & Bear

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  1. Amazing outfit & photos :) I can't wait to see which colour you have decided to pick for your hair this time :)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Emilia <3 I'm so excited to see what will it turn out like :D