The longest wave


It finally feels like spring is on the way. Sunny and warmer days came which means we can put the long, thick winter jacket in the back of the closet. A month ago I came across a photo saying "Winter knows no fashion" which is so true. Even if you dress super cute you'll have to cover your outfit with a thick jacket and scarf, probably earmuffs or a hat and gloves. Coats are very stylish but when the temperature gets way bellow 0°C and is windy for the sake of your health you'll switch to a warmer jacket.

The other day was just 6°C but it felt more like 16. I went out with sister in the morning cos she had her first ever job interview and I had to do some things one of which was to find a hairdresser I'd let experiment with my hair. 

the longest wave ootd preview

Since it was so warm (compared to the temperature before) I immediately took my oversized denim jacket out of the closet and my new Adidas Gazelle's. Put on a 3/4 sleeves shirt, dungarees and tights.

The jacket is from Pull & Bear. Oversized denim jackets go with pretty much everything. From a sporty to dressy outfit. You can wear a cardigan or a thick pullover underneath unlike when you're wearing a fitted jacket. When you touch it for the first time you'll probably think it's very thin. That was kinda a shock to me cos I ordered it from their webshop and I expected it to be thicker like my other denim jacket, but it's actually not that thin after you get used to it, and it actually keeps you warm just as any other "thicker" denim jacket.

the longest wave ootd img1

Dungarees are also from Pull & Bear. If you haven't noticed it's one of my go-to-shops, they always have what I need and like. I also ordered them from their webshop and adore them cos I can put any shirt underneath. At first I felt like they are a bit too short but they're normal length - like any other skirt today.

This blue and white striped shirt is from Zara, the kids section. I got it 2 years ago I think, it's amazing quality and costed only 69 or 79kn (around 10€).

the longest wave ootd img2

 I'm a backpack lover. Most of the time you'll see me wearing one, even if I just need to carry my wallet. They're much more practical than handbags/crossbody bags, more spacious and easier to carry. This one's from Stradivarius.

adidas gazelle blue

Adidas Gazelle are my dream shoes, there's a good reason and story behind it which you can read in the caption of the photo on instagram.
But to put short  - my parents wore Adidas Universal  when I was a kid so I always wanted to have a pair and Gazelle's look a lot like them.

the longest wave ootd portrait

Makeupless mornings. I haven't noticed how pale my face is and how my lips blend with the rest until I had to pick photos for this blogpost. haha

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the sun! 

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JACKET: Pull & Bear
DUNGAREES: Pull & Bear
SHIRT: Zara Kids
SHOES: Adidas

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  1. Love this comfy look!

  2. cute outfit, love your shoes. I feel like spring is finally on its way too, yay!! x

    1. Thank you so much. :D Yess, I also saw some buds on trees so I guess it will start getting green pretty soon! xx

  3. Great outfit :) This jacket is amazing :)

    1. Thank you dear! It's probably the best jacket I ever had :D

  4. Hey Tea! Nice style! Could you please advise me how to frame and overlap two pictures like the first ones you posted here? I would like to know!

    1. Hey Vane, thank you so much! Yeah sure, it's super easy. I did it in Photoshop, there are two photos on a white background canvas and behind the smaller photo is a white rectangle. That's it :D