Dark Fae


Last week was the first spring week. I though it would make me happy and all energetic but somehow I ended up feeling down again, unmotivated and uninspired.

When you're a melancholic bad weather is always around the corner. Try to use it. Make something out of it.

 I want to be in charge of my emotions so one afternoon I dressed up and went to the forest to take some photos cos I haven't in quite a while and it usually makes me feel better, or at least a bit productive. This is the result of it. There are very few photos I like from that day, but I still wanted to share them with you.

Dark fae by moonshinefaerie
This one's my favourite and the others I find more or less meh. But the way to learn is trying, failing, succeeding...
Thank you for reading,

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  1. These are beautiful photos. It isn't easy sometimes to get a hold of our feelings, but trying to do something about it often helps the best. Really enjoyed these x

  2. These photos are magical, so in love with your hair colour! <3

  3. OMG you look absolutelly amazing :o In love with your photos!!! Fantastic look <3

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  4. Omg I love everything about this photo set! Love your hair colour and the flower crown!

    skinnydecxflatte.blogspot.com xo

  5. Well for me I love Winter the most, so when Spring and Summer roll around I kind of dread it. I love the creativity of these photos and I really love the photos you ended up choosing in general :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode