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Hello lovelies!
As you could see on my Instagram account the hair colour I went to is lilac/lavander/violet/pastel purple (however you want to call it). I've been wanting it for years but was always afraid of bleaching my entire hair. Today I wanted to share with you the process I went through to get from my natural hair colour to blonde to pastel. Before going to the hairdresser's I did a lot of research. I watched so many YouTube videos and read many articles on bleaching, different brands of hair dye, mixing the dye with conditioner, using Olaplex hair treatment...I'm writing this so you don't have to go through all of it.
lilac wavy hair - moonshinefaerie

What is Olaplex?
It's a hair treatment that works in 3 steps (2 done at the salon and one at home). It includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.  It's used to restore compromised hair, or can be added to another service to provide a "breakage insurance".

In short: it protects your hair from being completely burned by the bleach.

Olaplex No. 1 : Bond Multiplier  -  it is mixed in with the bleach or can be used as a treatment on it's own
Olaplex No. 2 : Bond Perfector  - is put on the hair after the bleach is rinsed out
Olaplex No. 3 : Hair Perfector  -  home treatment. Apply to damp hair, comb through, and leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes  before washing or leave it on overnight

Which hairdye to use?
It mostly depends on where you live - which brand is most accessible to you. To me it's La Riche Directions and I've only tried their dye so far. Arctic Fox dye looks amazing but it's quite expensive for me to get it. If anyone knows of any retailers in Europe please let me know. And a friend of mine told me about Jerrome Russel Punky Colour. It's in the same price range as Directions.

Making the colour lighter:
mix it with conditioner, any, all that matters is that it's white (i've never seen any in a colour but well). The colour you get while mixing the dye and conditioner will be somewhat ligher on your hair. So the one in the mixing bowl should be few shades darker.

I was searching for a hair salon for a week or so. I wanted to see how much would it cost at different places and could I bring my own dye. The things I asked were: do they use olaplex, how much would it cost for my hair length, can I bring my dye cos I want a specific colour, how many days in advance do I need to make an appointment.
I bought two dyes in shade Violet. One is supposed to be enough but you never know, it's better to have a backup. I cut my hair quite a bit in the last 2 months.
I'm not sure why but always before dying or bleaching people told me that my hair shouldn't be clean. And it was terribly greasy the day before my appointment and i couldn't bear it and washed it. After washing I applied a lot of coconut oil all over it and left it to dry overnight. In the morning my hair looked horrendous. I wore a high ponytail to hide it from the world.
At the salon:
I'll be saying They, cos two girls were working on my hair.
Bleaching: So let's begin. They brushed my hair and separated it. Mixed the bleach with Olaplex No.1 and started applying it on my hair and they used the foil. I wanted them to not bleach to my roots, I wanted some of my natural hair left haha. They had to make the mixture couple times cos guess what, I have a lot of hair. They left the bleach in my hair for hmm, longer than it usually would be cos we wanted to get to as light as possible. One of them was checking how is my hair every 10 min or so. I think we left it for 45 minutes but am not sure. After that they washed out the bleach and let me see myself as a blonde, a yellow, a bit white, light haired person. It didn't look nice haha it never does. But I took a quick photo just so I could show you how it was.

Dying + styling: They didn't mix the dye with conditioner but with Olaplex No. 2 , they were commenting how the dye was so creamy and a pleasure to apply. To me it felt like a thick creamy shampoo. We left it in also around 40 minutes. They used 1 dye. But one little part of my hair didn't want to soak in the colour so they used a bit of the second on that part.  While rinsing it out they didn't shampoo my hair. After that they blowdried it and made some curls with a hair straightener and brushed them out.

I love how it turned out. For years I've been wanting a violet shade that doesn't have red but blue undertones and goes into grey. What I got here is lots of grey,lilac,violet,pinkish highlights + pinkish bangs. If the entire hair was in one shade it would look like a wig, in my opinion. On some parts I have blond-ish strands which should go away after I use a silver shampoo.If you know about a good brand please let me know!  
After - haircolour - moonshineaferieBefore - haircolour - moonshineaferie

How is my hair after the process? 
Before I had my natural hair and a part that was treated with dye. My natural hair feels almost the same. Tips are kinda dry (but they were before also), they're not broken or anything. There's no breakage.
After dying hair is very soft but after I washed it on my own I could feel how it really is.
I bleached a part of my hair before without olaplex and I can say it is a big difference. Olaplex is worth the money. Bleaching basically burns your hair and after some time you would have to cut it off, when you plan to bleach your entire hair and don't plan to buzzcut later give that extra money for any treatment that will protect your precious hair.
After bleaching hair becomes greasy much slower. I washed mine for the first time after a week and used just a shampoo (Nivea hairmilk). The dye washes out but not as much as other unnatural colours. Sister once dyed her hair at a hairsalon and it washed out after 2 washes.  About the 3rd Olaplex, I forgot to ask hairdressers can I buy it or what. But I'll ask next time I go there.  For anyone who wants to know how much I paid - 390kn at the salon and 100kn for 2 dyes.

La Riche Directions Violet on sun moonshinefaerie

I hope I helped you with my story and gave you the info you were looking for. If anyone has any more questions you can msg me on twitter or instagram, I'll gladly answer them.

I hope you're all having a great weekend,

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I'm not a professional, I'm just sharing my experience.

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  1. Wow, that purple color is amazing! I have never dyed my hair.. I'm too scared, haha! ;)


    1. Thank you dear <3 Your hair is in such a gorgeous colour, there's no need to dye it haha
      Have a great day

  2. Amazing shade :) Maybe try manic panic - they have great colours. Elumen also works well but you have to bleach the hair and then use a shade but it's hard to change the colour after elumen.

    1. Thank you so much sweetie <3 A friend used manic panic and she says it washes out extremely fast. I have never heard of Elumen before so i'll check it out, but it would be a bit of a problem if the dye wont wash out entirely. I'd like to try different colours later.

  3. Great post, Tea. You look sweet in lilac! I remember every time I had to change hair color how much I really needed that change! xx

    1. Thank you so much Vane, you're so sweet <3 Yeaah, a change is much needed.

  4. Your hair is gorgeous, love the colour :) x

  5. really nice hair!!
    Mónica Sors

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you Anya, have a wonderful weekend also xx

  7. Your hair is so pretty I love the colour

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