9/4/17 - Walking without purpose


Our lives tend to get busy, we live walking in one direction, most of the time having a plan, sticking to schedules. What if we stopped for a moment. Stopped for an hour and just let our legs take us somewhere, known unknown it doesn't matter. Just somewhere away from the routine, unplanned and without a purpose.

Yesterday after helping around the house parents wanted to take little sister to the playground so I tag along. Took my camera as I pretty much always do and messaged my friend Mato (who's usually my photographer so shoutout to him!) to go for a walk. He already was outside with another friend of our so we met up and walked around the town, not really knowing where we'll end up. Just following pretty light, going through parks, by the water... It was such a wonderful, much needed relaxing time. Even tho I have three exams this week I think it was a great idea to go out. 
Enjoy the moment, it's worth it.  

Portrait with green plant background

 Photos are pretty random, some portraits, candids and just fooling around. Also Mato tells me to smile all the time which I really don't like in photos. So prepare for more of that in the future haha.

side smile portraitsmiling with braces
ootd casual 
mato ootd
mato portrait
pretty shadows and smiles

Have a great week,
Mato's IG: @wrong_settings
Andrija's IG:  @andrija_horvatin
SHIRT - Zara
PANTS - New Yorker
SHOES - Vans Authentic
BACKPACK - Fjällräven Kånken

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  1. Great photos :) I'm surprised again that you enjoy House.pl :D

    1. Thank you dear :D haha yeah, you can find nice stuff there, even tho the one and only store we have is pretty small.