Introducing Summer


Hi lovelies!
I believe all of you have an creative block sometimes and need rest from everything. I've been absent for almost a month, trying to put my mind off of all things and "start fresh" with no worries, no stress, just doing what I love when I can. As the academic year is closer and closer to the end we have many projects to make which are time consuming. I find myself sitting in front of the laptop and writing code or googling for how-to's for the entire day. After class I'd sometimes stay in Zagreb for couple hours to take photos of a friend but mostly go straight home or to work.
This day was also one of those. I stayed after class to take some photos of a friend and while doing that I asked her to take few of me so I could put something on instagram or maybe even have some for a blogpost haha. The weather finally introduced summer and I decided to put pants away. It's time to bring out all the dresses and skirts (and get some new ones).  

What are some of your favourite styles this season?

Until next time,

DRESS: Pull&Bear
SHOES: Roko (local boutique)  
BAG: Stradivarius
RINGS: moonstone - Bohomoon, others - zaful / aliexpress

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  1. Great pictures. I love your hair color and the rings are just adorable!

    1. Thank you so much Ella for your sweet comment xx