Male figures and their style


Hello lovelies,
as Father's day is approaching (in the USA, it's on March 19th here in Croatia) I was inspired by Bonobos to share some looks that best represents a male figure in my life. If you're still stumbling on a Father's Day gift, I would recommend checking out their wide variety of chinos. The male figure who's style I'll share is Mato. You could have read about him through my posts and see him in photos cos he's most of the time my photographer.

We've knows each other for something over 3 years but it feels like much more. He is a very positive, fun and talkative person. A great friend, support and the one who'll listen to you when you need someone to talk to. Whenever you're up for an adventure text him and he'll be ready in 30min.  I have a hard time opening up to people and feeling relaxed but with him everything seems easy and those little awkward moments aren't awkward but something to make fun of. He's one of the kids who have cool parents so there's no way he could turn out un-cool haha.

When it comes to his style I can say he's really into button up shirts which you'll see. Sometimes he wears them buttoned and sometimes unbuttoned with a graphic or basic t-shirt underneath. His prescription glasses are so pretty and add up to his style. Pictures say more than words so here are 3 looks from our days spent walking around the town and taking photos.




What do your male figures in life like to wear? 
Do you ever suggest them what could they put on or they have their own style?

Thank you for reading,
have a great weekend!

 Mato's instagram: @drugi_valentic

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