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Hello Lovelies!
I know I haven't written in ages, I'm not feeling as inspired and enthusiastic as I was when I started this blog. I keep postponing writing cos I keep telling myself that I'm not feeling inspired enough to write, or have nothing to write about. I won't talk about it right now but share this one look I absolutely adore. It consists of some of my all time favourite clothing items of which I got some quite recently and others have for over a year or two. 


I regret not buying this top in every other possible colour. It's a dark green boat neck top from Zara. One of the most elegant basic pieces I ever owned. An outfit goes from basic to elegant and stylish in a second with it. Add a necklace and it looks like you tried to dress up when you've actually put on the first thing you found. 
The black skirt with golden threaded clouds was thrifted two years ago if I'm not wrong, but it's originally from Asos. When I got it it even had the original tags on. It gives off such a vintage vibe. It's quite tight around the waist, has a decent (below the knee) length and can be worn during the entire year.


These wonderful heels are from Mango. I was looking for something like them, pretty much something exactly like them and came across them while going through the sale section on the beginning of summer sales. Whenever I buy heels they need to be comfortable to wear and these are one of the most comfortable shoes ever. I've spent couple consecutive days in them and my feet never started hurting. 
The last item you can't see too much of is a brown backpack you could have seen in my previous post and the only brown bag i own right now. It's from Stradivarius. 

Have a great week!
Thanks for reading,

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