2017/12/09 - Winter in Ljubljana


We are deep into December, end of the year is quickly approaching and cities are decorated for Christmas which is only two weekends away. Sparkly streets put us in the mood, so does the smell of street food and mulled wine which keeps us warm in the cold weather. 

Last year for Advent I visited Budapest ( about which you can read more here ), this year it happened to be Ljubljana. The trip happened more or less unplanned. Cousin, mom, sister and I were talking about having a "Girls advent" but haven't made and exact plans. Friday evening mom texted me to be ready by 10am cos we're leaving for Slovenia. 

There's nothing sweeter than spontaneous trips.

Here are some photos from it.

As it was still before noon we went for some tea/coffee and raw cakes at this lovely tea house whose name I can't remember, but it's on the riverbank.

Mango, blueberry and nuts+poppy raw cakes.
Tea was Ginseng+lemon. 

Posting this rather late but I love how the photos turned out and don't want them to go to waste. 
Hope you all had lovely holidays!

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