True winter


Last time there was this much snow was probably while I was studying in Rijeka. First year of living away from home, winter holidays ended and I had to get back cos of classes. Of course there was no snow for Christmas or New Years Eve, but as soon as I left a lot fell and parents were sending me photos of my little sister playing in it. Having a big slide and basically a full playground made from a snow mountain. 
I'm definitely not a lover of cold weather but seeing so much (dry) snow after so many years makes me happy and reminisce about childhood when it was a completely normal occurrence. It does look pretty and really is beautiful unless you need to go somewhere or stay outside for long cos then you'll hate the bellow 0°C temperatures and your multiple-layers outfit which is still not warm enough. 
For most of this winter I have been wearing the tomboy brown coat from Zara cos it goes well with everything in my closet and unlike with this cape, I can wear a backpack over it. 
I purchased this vintage cape during my first year of studying in Zagreb. I was looking for vintage stores and unique pieces to add to my closet and in late autumn or maybe was it winter already I came across this beauty while going through racks of clothes in Ulični Ormar. What I appreciate most about vintage clothes is the quality of it. It is older than any piece of clothing you have in your closet but it's warmer and more durable than any of the new stuff. This cape is a blend of cashmere and wool which will keep you warm and dry.

Portrait with pine

This Friday Damjan and I went out cos another friend and I had to hand him over his birthday present. We spent some time walking through parks, taking photos of each other and ended up playing with snow. After our hands were freezing ( we both forgot gloves) we went to our favourite spot for tea and coffee. 

How is it where you are from? How are you dealing with low temperatures? 

Check out my sweet friend Damjan on IG: @dbrozi

Thank you for reading, 
wish you a great week

CAPE - Ulični Ormar
CARDIGAN - Stradivarius
JEANS - Pull&Bear
BOOTS - Tamaris
BACKPACK - Ocean green Fjällräven Kånken

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