Rijeka Carnival 2018


You have heard of the carnival in Rio, also about the one in Venice, but have you heard about the carnival in Rijeka? This colorful and cheerful festivity in Rijeka is the biggest one in Croatia and has been going on annually since 1982.

The carnival seasons starts at the end of January and ends before March. There are many festivities during that period like a Children's parade, Carnival Queen Pageant and some more about which you can read on their official site here. But the one most attended is the international carnival parade. On that day streets are blocked, buses and cars can't go through the center cos it's reserved for the parade and spectators. While walking down the boardwalk or promenade you'll see hundreds and hundreds of different masks, hear many different kinds of music, see people dancing, laughing and drinking (which some years you're even able to smell in the air).

After the parade the partying continues long into the night. You can stay on the street by the festive vehicles which are playing music non stop or go to one of many bars.

During the carnival season everyone is more relaxed. People are more cheerful and don't care what you do and how you look. It seems like all worries go away and people live in the moments for those couple weeks.

If you happen to visit Rijeka, don't forget to climb the 538 steps to Trsat and go to the castle. The view is mesmerizing. The same goes for the couple km walk down the windbreaker. It's worth it, you'll see.

Rijeka at night

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  1. This looks like so much fun, beautiful pictures x

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