Favourite summer dress


Oh how sweet are these long warm summer days. As a summer child there’s nothing more I could crave for. As soon as the warm days started I ended up spending most of my time outside, merely coming home to sleep. In the last few months so much happened and I don’t even know where to start. There were many ups and downs, dramas I never though I’d have to deal with and opportunities I never though I’d get. Even though life is still a mess focusing on the positive things is what makes us move forward.  So let’s focus on those good things! I’m trying to focus more on photography and make something out of it because it’s one of the things I enjoy doing and feel passionate about. I got to shoot two proms so far ( I’ll show you photos in future posts)  and will shoot couple more in the upcoming week. I learn quite a bit from each session so I’m always looking forward to new ones. Yesterday INmusic festival ended and I spent the entire day in bed recovering from dancing and singing all night long. For the third day I carried an analogue camera and tried to compensate for not taking any photos during the past two days so when I get them developed I’ll share them here if they’ll be any good haha. Another good news is that I quit one of the two jobs I was doing. Now I have more time for other things and can finally get some sleep.

I wanted this post to be about this gorgeous dress I got while searching with a friend of mine for her prom dress but it ended up as a life update cos I love to chat here. While looking for a dress at the mall I had to look around a bit and see if there’s anything for me. And there it was, hanging in the middle back part of the store. You already know I have a thing for florals so ofc it caught my eye. I was looking at it and deciding should I try it out even tho we don’t have too much time or leave it for another time (if that time ever comes)… Friend walked towards me and when she saw it she told me to go try it out. There was no overthinking if I should or should not buy it after that. This has become my favourite piece for this season.

It is from Reserved and it's a let's say half wrap dress. The upper part is a wrap and the bottom part has buttons. The dress doesn't have a slit so with buttons you can decide how much leg you'll show. During cooler days I like to pair this dress with knee high socks so it will be good to wear even when autumn comes. When it comes to shoes I've worn it so far only with black creepers and black vans authentic sneakers but it would go lovely with sandals or high heels. I haven't had an opportunity to wear it in a dressy way yet. On most days I plan to walk a lot or know I'll be in a hurry so it's easier and more comfortable to run around in sneakers. Backpack is from Stradivarius.

smiley moonshinefaerie

After my hair washed out to bluish-green I dyed it pink again and am thinking about bleaching the roots and going pink entirely but also want to go "natural" for the summer by dying it auburn... Let me know what you think would be better in the comments bellow cos I'm really indecisive.

These photos were taken during a Sunday walk with my sister Ana. So a big thanks to her for wanting to stand behind the lens!

moonshinefaerie ootd light shadow
light and shadow closeup moonshinefaerie
light and shadow portrait closeup moonshinefaerie
light and shadow portrait closed eyes moonshinefaerie
light and shadow portrait 2 moonshinefaerie
moonshinefaerie portrait
moonshinefaerie_portrait_tying hairmoonshinefaerie pink hair

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