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After three or four years high school finally ends and there's this one last event you have with everyone from your class. After that night everyone will go it's own way. Some of you will stay in touch, some friendships will break and some people will move to the other side of the world in search for a better life and you'll see them only on photos they'll post to their social media profiles. 
On that night everyone wants to look their best. It's the first formal event dedicated entirely to you, high school students ending one chapter in your lives. 

Ana and Lovro - title

For me that day was four years ago. Next year we'll have a reunion for which I'm really excited. I've seen everyone from my class at least once or twice in the past four years but we never had much time to talk. It will be fun to have everyone again in one place and hear who is doing what in life (it might be even a bit depressing cos some of us, aka me, won't finish uni by then but ok...).

Sister's prom was two years ago. This year she went as her boyfriend's "plus one". They looked so beautiful. I think we never saw Ana look as elegant as that day and Lovro was so handsome even tho he still looked like a super cute child and she as a grownup woman while standing next to him.

Ana & Lovro - preparation

We were in a rush. They had to be at the restaurant something before 8pm and Lovro and his brother picked up Ana and me at 7 something. So we had under 30 minutes to shoot. Which was more than enough in the end.

Ana's dress was made by a local seamstress by Ana's idea. And her makeup was done by @mayabeauty_hr

Aren't they the cutest couple!?
It was my first time ever taking photos of a couple and them in general. It was very fun and with lot of laughter as you can see. 

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