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"You look like a Nancy" said Damjan when I was wearing these wide striped pants with metal buckles and golden hoop earrings. He likes to say this is my secretary look while I see it more as a gangsters wife look.

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Nancy, It's one of those names I absolutely adore and which bring back memories. For all of you who don't know, I'm really into mysteries. I'm not sure how or when I exactly got into it but since I can remember my favourite pc game(s) is Nancy Drew by Her Interactive and when I got older I started reading the book series which dates all the way back to the 1930's. If you ever played it you'll know in what kind of setting it is. There from probably comes my love for 20's - 60's fashion.

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During end of summer sale at Pull&Bear two years ago if I'm not mistaken, I got these wonderful pants. It was love at first sight. I had no idea on which shirt could I wear them, all I knew was that I need to have them and I'll think about styling them later. First association that came to my mind when I saw them were gangster films. You know, men in striped suits, with a fedora hat and those round machine guns in their arms. I'd always admire fashion, both male and female in those films. I wished people would still dress that way. Today nothing is stopping me from dressing the way I was longing for as a child.

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After I got them I haven't worn them at all. They didn't go well with any shoes I had at that time and most shirts weren't dressy enough. At the beginning of next summer I got these brown suede sandals from Mango. Do I need to say they were love at first sight also? I was searching for shoes like them over the internet but haven't found anything. And then one day when I went to the mall with parents I saw these. They were on sale but still pretty expensive so I was kinda overthinking should I get them or not (if I hadn't had enough money I'd probably beg mom to get them for me haha). The best choice ever! They are the comfiest and prettiest shoes I would love to buy over and over again until the day I die. The day these photos were taken I was in them from 6am to 8pm and walking for most of the time. There were many times before when I would be in them for the entire day and walk long distances and my feet still wouldn't hurt.

Yesterday when I was at the mall I saw they have black ones, which are made of a different material but the shape is the same and they have closed heel. Those would be perfect for autumn since these can't be worn with socks.

Photos were taken by Damjan in the morning when we first arrived to Zagreb, so I'm not wearing hoops and don't have much makeup. I applied it and put them on after we returned books to the university library so you'll be able to see the look with them in the next post.

Thank you for reading,

T-Shirt: Mango
Jacket: Stradivarius
Trousers: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Mango
Backpack: Stradivarius

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