Knitwear x Femme Luxe


Cold days are here so people from Femme Luxe were kind enough to send me three of their knitwears to try out and share with you. I'm one of the people who have ten layers on themselves as soon as it gets close to 0°. I try to avoid it by wearing chunkier jumpers underneath the coat but sometimes it tends to be hard.

Femme Luxe is an online fashion brand. At first I didn't have high expectations and wasn't sure how thick will the knitwear even be. But when it arrived I was so surprised. The clothes is nicely made. The material is soft and the knitting is impeccable.

Here are three different outfits and short reviews of the items.

#1 White jumper

Femme Luxe white knit jumper moonshinefaerie

 I was searching for quite some time for a shirt that would go with all my vintage skirts and still keep me warm. And this one was it! I absolutely love the higher neckline, the classical look and the white colour.  It is slightly see-through so you should wear a white bra or an undershirt underneath for the best look.

Femme Luxe white knit jumper moonshinefaerie portrait

Femme Luxe white knit jumper moonshinefaerie ootd

 At the end of sleeves there's a tread pulled through them to make them tight fitting but with my pulling up of the shirt I managed to break it so the sleeves were more loose at the end. But I didn't mind it, I actually preferred it since it gave me more "freedom". You can see it more clear on the photo bellow ( my left arm, while right sleeve is tight )

Femme Luxe white knit jumper moonshinefaerie look

#2 Mustard ruffle hem top

moonshinefaerie autumn portrait femme luxe top

When I first saw this item I fell in love with the ruffles and the colour. The ruffles make it such a playful piece of clothing and the colour is perfect for autumn. The jumper is really thick and soft. It's cropped but goes really well with high waisted pants. You can also wear an undershirt underneath since it won't pull up much while you walk and do your things.
Let's talk about those beautiful ruffles. The one on the neck is perfect for putting some dainty necklace around it. The one at the bottom is so playful and makes me feel like I'm a little child again. It's so much cuter than a regular hem, specially since it's cropped and this way it makes a beautiful ending.
mustard ruffle hem top femme luxe moonshinefaerie


mustard ruffle hem crop top jumper femme luxe

#3 Black over the shoulder dress

Well, the dress is way too short for me to wear. It's out of my comfort zone and not my style, but! It's easy to use it as a top and it looks really nice as one. I paired it with these gingham pants from Primark cos they are kinda baggy and it's impossible to notice that something is deeply tucked in.
The knitting of the dress is nice and tight so it's not transparent but to me, who's 172cm tall, it ends right under my ass.



*This post was supposed to be published months ago but I had so much going on so I never posted it on time. Still, since it's there, written but in drafts, i decided to share it anyway.*



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