Twenty three


Last four days passed unimaginably fast. I still haven't replied to some of the birthday messages and I keep postponing to doing it after work or later and guess what, it's a new day by then and we are getting further and further away from the 12th August.

Twenty three seemed like an "old" age to me when I was a child. Probably because I was walking and talking when my mom was that age, probably because my parents had their shit together at twenty three while I'm still searching for "my call", "my purpose" in life. Honestly I feel like I'm going through a foggy forest, stumbling upon various things but leaving them after a while in search for THE thing. Instead of getting closer to the exit I'm getting deeper and deeper, more and more lost.


Today while doing some housework and having all the time for myself I remembered that somewhere around 2012 I made a list of things I want to do before I turn certain age. And when I go through it, I did most of them. Many of my dreams actually came true with time. With age of twenty three I'm living in another country, with my best friend,partner, that used to be thousands of kilometers away. I'm working, have the possibility and a partner to travel with. And can express myself in any way possible because I'm finally surrounded by people and environment in which I won't be judged. It's still very hard for me to get used, adapt myself to the positive changes and not live in fear but as everything else did, that will also come with time.

To celebrate the beauty of aging, the happiness and freedom it brought me I wanted to capture my birthday in this dusty pink dress I got from Dropshipclothes . It feels so light, as if you're not wearing anything and looks beautiful, specially when you twirl. Unfortunately I messed up the sizing and it's too big for me, but I really wanted to wear it, so it doesn't fit me perfectly and honestly, I wasn't even trying to hide that I tried to make it fit me with sewing pins.

So cheers to the twenties! 

Thanks for reading!

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